Ukraine Daily Summary - Monday, June 10 2024

Ukraine to start testing domestically produced guided aerial bombs soon -- Russia sends students from Africa to fight in its war against Ukraine -- Biden, Macron reach agreement on using profits from frozen Russian assets for Ukraine -- Russian assault on Kharkiv 'stalled out' as Ukrainians fire across border -- and more

Monday, June 10

Russia’s war against Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers with the 57th Motorized Brigade operate at an artillery position on June 9, 2024 near Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast. Russian forces have been pressuring Ukrainian forces for weeks in Kharkiv Oblast. (Nikoletta Stoyanova/Getty Images)

Ukraine hits Russian Su-57 jet for first time, military intelligence says. The aircraft was reportedly damaged after a strike on the Akhtubinsk airfield in the Astrakhan region in southern Russia, 589 kilometers from the front line.

Air Force: Ukraine to start testing domestically produced guided aerial bombs soon. Ukraine is currently working on refitting and creating its own guided aerial bombs based on the design of unguided bombs, Holubtsov said.

Bloomberg: Russia sends students from Africa to fight in its war against Ukraine. According to the Bloomberg report, Russian officials have been threatening African students and young workers not to extend their visas unless “they agree to join the military.” Such a tactic was first deployed by the Russian Wagner mercenary group, Bloomberg reported.

Russian assault on Kharkiv ‘stalled out’ as Ukrainians fire across border, Sullivan says. “The United States will continue to support Ukraine in holding the line and pushing back against the aggressing Russian forces,” U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said.

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Biden, Macron reach agreement on using profits from frozen Russian assets for Ukraine. U.S. President Joe Biden announced on June 9 that he had reached an agreement with French President Emmanuel Macron on using the profits from frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) reported.

Yusov: Ukrainian operation may have hit 2 Su-57s in Russia. “There is preliminary information that there could have been two downed Su-57 aircraft,” military intelligence spokesperson Andrii Yusov said on June 9.

Enlistment office claims man died due to epileptic seizure, not beating. Kovalchuk’s relatives have accused the military enlistment office of causing his death by beating him. Dozens of local residents have protested against the enlistment office following the incident.

Russia claims to down Ukrainian drone following explosions in Belgorod Oblast. Local Telegram channels reported a loud explosion at the Rakityansky District in Belgorod Oblast earlier in the day, with photos and videos of smoke.

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Ukraine war latest: Zelensky says Russia’s Kharkiv offensive failed; Ukraine hits Russian Su-57 aircraft for first time

“A very significant result is that the Russian army failed. The direction is strengthened. And it will be strengthened more,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Photo: Jose Colon/Anadolu via Getty Images

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Human cost of war

Russia targets 103 settlements over 1 day, civilians killed and injured. In total, Russia attacked 10 oblasts in the south, east, and north of Ukraine.

General Staff: Russia has lost 518,560 troops in Ukraine since Feb 24, 2022. This number includes 1,270 casualties Russian forces suffered over the past day

Tracking down perpetrators of sexual violence in Russia’s war

International response

Moscow issues protest note to Yerevan after Armenian delegation visits Bucha. Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a note of protest to Yerevan after an Armenian delegation visited Bucha earlier in June, Russian state-controlled news agency Russian state-run media outlet TASS reported on June 9.

Moldovan citizens detained over graffiti warning against sending French soldiers to Ukraine. They are suspected of spraying a stencil of a red coffin at the foot of a building in central Paris with the words “Soldats français en Ukraine” (“French soldier in Ukraine”).

European Parliament elections

Macron dissolves French parliament, calls election after exit polls project far-right gains in EU election. French President Emmanuel Macron announced snap elections on June 9, after the far-right National Rally emerged as the projected winner of the French elections for the European Parliament.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo announces resignation. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo announced plans to resign after the defeat of his party, the liberal Open VLD, in the country’s federal elections held June 9.

‘The center is holding,’ von der Leyen declares amid Europe’s far-right surge. Preliminary results for the European Parliament elections show that centrist parties have retained the majority despite a surge in support for far-right groups.

Orban’s party wins Hungary’s European Parliament elections, but opposition makes gains. The results represent a 10% drop in support for the nationalist Fidesz party. Opposition leader Peter Magyar called the vote “the beginning of the end” for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s grip on power.

In other news

Ukrainian athletes win gold, bronze in high jump at European Championship. Yaroslava Mahuchikh won the gold medal and defended her title as the European high jump champion at the European Athletics Championship on June 9, while fellow Ukrainian athlete Iryna Gerashchenko won bronze.

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